Since 1979 the ATROX group has as its objective the study and dissemination of issues related to nature. Our special interest in the most unusual and unknown flora and fauna on the planet, has led us to make various international tours presenting world-renowned thematic exhibitions such as Poisonous Serpents of the world, Mysterious Nature, Dragons: Between Science and Legend, The World of Poison, Creatures Poisonous, etc.

The conservation of species stands out as a priority objective of our work. Various adaptation and reproduction programs, as well as exchanges of information and experiences with prestigious institutions around the world, seek not only to abolish the capture of animals in their environment, but to form authentic reserves that ensure their survival.

During all these years we have managed to maintain and reproduce for the first time in Europe many little-known, threatened or endangered animal species and currently practically all of the more than 600 specimens that we keep in our facilities are born in captivity.

In addition to conservation, the main objective of our work is to invite the public to know the incredible biodiversity that nature contains and thereby raise awareness and awareness of how important it is to respect and maintain it.